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Chemiluminescence Imaging Analysis System (BG-gdsAUTO710Pro)

High sensitivity

BG-gdsAUTO 710 Pro is designed for Western-Blot membrane imaging. Much easier operation and quantitative analysis than traditional X-ray film exposure method and no less sensitivity, BG-gdsAUTO 710 Pro will revolutionize your chemiluminescent workflows.

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BG-gdsAUTO 710Pro is an integrated gel imaging analysis system with built-in computer and large touch screen 12.1, which has small foot print. Much easier operation and quantitative analysis than traditional X-ray film exposure method and no less sensitivity.


  • BG-gdsAUTO 710Pro will revolutionize your chemiluminescent workflows and eliminate your darkroom. The high-megapixel camera provides high resolution images perfect for publications. 

  • The deep-cooled CCD with low background noise improves image quality even in case of long exposure time. 

  • The wide dynamic range helps to both weak bands and strong bands in one membrane. And for detection of the very weak bands, you can choose multiple binning options of the intelligent software, from 1x1 to 4x4 binning modes, which collect more signals as you need.


  • Baygene darkroom (stand alone unit): 12.1" LCD touch screen

  • Camera: high resolution low illumination digital refrigeration camera

  • Resolution: 2750×2200(6.05million)

  • Pixel size:4.54μm × 4.54μm

  • A/D: 16bit

  • Binning:1×1,2×2,4×4

  • CCD photo sensitive chip:SONY ICX 694

  • CCD dark current: < 0.0005e-/pixel/sec @-40℃

  • Quantum efficiency: >75%

  • CCD cooling method: Semiconductor refrigeration

  • CCD cooling temperature: relative temperature -75°C

  • Lens: F/0.8 fixed focus lens

  • Dynamic range: >4.5 orders of magnitude

  • Lighting source: LED light source on both sides

  • Imaging area: 15×15cm

  • Overall size(L×W×H): 345*410*550mm

  • Software: single, series, manual imaging modes; marker and bands imaging can merge automatically and manually; support two languages(English & Chinese)