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MERFISH Spatial Transcriptome Technology Services

MERFISH High Resolution High Sensitivity High Multiplexing Gene Expression Visualization

Explore new dimensions through spatial context; the first high multiplexing, high resolution in situ platform to combine single-cell and spatial genomics.

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MERFISH Spatial Transcriptome Services

In 2021, Vizgen released MERSCOPETM, the commercialized MERFISH super-resolution imaging analysis system. In 2022, Gene Group signed a contract to become the general agent in China, and took the lead in introducing MERSCOPETM super-resolution microscopic imaging analysis system in China. Shanghai Beijing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. officially launched MERFISH super-resolution spatial transcriptome service.

  • Sample type and preparation:

Currently accepts frozen tissue, FFPE and cell samples. There is a detailed sample preparation process, welcome to consult.

  • Panel design and specifications

  Vizgen has an official gene panel design portal ( that allows you to design your Panel simply by entering the name of the gene you're interested in. At present, gene panel has three specifications: 140, 300 and 500.

  • Species and tissue types:

  MERFISH has been validated in more than 20 tissues, including liver, pancreatic cancer, brain, kidney, testicles, retina, muscle in mice, and lung xenografts, lung, liver, colon, ovarian, brain, aorta, skin, DRG, and lung in humans. Other species and organizations are under continuous testing and optimization, if there are no species and organizations you want to study, please contact us for details.


1. High resolution: ≤100nm resolution, localization of RNA transcripts at the subcellular level.

2. High sensitivity: No need for sequencing, can detect low expression genes that can not be detected by other methods.

3. Highly multiplexing: Custom gene panel design, currently up to 500 genes, later upgraded to 1000 gene panel.

4. Suitable for multiple samples: Currently accepts frozen tissue, FFPE and cell samples. There is a detailed sample preparation process, welcome to consult.

5. Multiple applications: involving oncology, immunology, neurobiology, infectious diseases, developmental biology & regenerative medicine, drug development, cell and gene therapy and other research fields.


Interactive software & Visualizing data

MERSCOPE Vizualizer™, an interactive software that visualizes MERFISH data, makes it easy to see the spatial location of genes of interest at the subcellular level.



Resolution: 100nm

  • Imaging area: 1cm2

Panel Size: 140genes,300genes 和 500genes


MERFISH:Multiplexed error-robust fluorescence in situ hybridization

The distribution of RNA in cells plays an important role in regulating its expression, so it is of great significance to study the spatial location of RNA. single-molecule fluorescence in situ hybridization (smFISH) is the gold standard for in situ gene expression detection, but its detection throughput is low.

Zhuang Xiaowei (Harvard University) invented MERFISH(Multiplexed error-robust fluorescence in situ hybridization) technology, which breaks through the defect of traditional smFISH technology with small number of genes. Up to 500 genes or more can be tested simultaneously at the single-cell level.



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